Ipartner is a Chinese owned beauty equipment factory. We provide beauty supplies and salon equipments . With high sense of responsibility and rich experience of the owner , makes us the very good choice for beauty.

Ipartner focus on non-surgical facial equipment , Some of the machines we supply are microdermabrasion, derma pen , hydra facial , photon therapy , lymph drainage machine ,basic beauty equipment such as high frequency , galvanic , brush , ultrasound , skin scrubber . Ipartner is the top of the choice of salon equipment suppier with a state of the art supply chain of beauty equipment factories and lots of quality salon equipments, spa equipments.

As part of our market research we found that distributors of beauty equipment nowadays were under pressure to resell their machines, because the fierce competition from competitor and factories , as well as the vast smounts of information on internet and transparent prices on B2C paltform . Profit have become more and more thin .

We want to be the first company you think of when you buy your beauty equipments , not just because of the price but also for the friendly, co-operative approach toward customer service.

By signed and implemented strictly the exclusive sales agreement , can protect your pricing power .

By supply stable quality machines can reduce your after-sales service expenses and labor cost.

By supply portable facial machine with high grade trolley , can save your shipping cost and maintain the sense of high-grade at the same time .

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide safe , effective , high quality,competitively priced products, and deliver an extra-ordinary level of service at every point of contact with the customer, in a professional manner.

Vision - What we want to be:

Your ideal partner and make you happy .


Love our partners, teams, ourself , work and life .

Be helpful and provide value-added service for our partners due to our advantage of geographical---Guangdong province , any inquiry from our real partner is welcome .

Our service must exceed your greatest expectations .
The first and foremost responsibility of every Employee is to serve Customers .
Employees who provide extra-ordinary service are recognized and rewarded .

Ipartner emphasis on client needs and benefits guide the company's strategy.